Refer a friend and help them save more!

Our promise; to treat your friends and family just like our own. – Danny Zaslavsky, GM


Refer to Country Hill Motors!

$200 Discount –  Refer a customer that buys a car from Country Hill Motors and they will get an additional $200 off our hassle free price!

$100 More – Refer a customer that sells a car to Country Hill Motors and they will receive $100 more!


(referral discounts do not combine for customer who trade-in)


Example when Buying 

Shelly refers John to buy a car from Country Hill Motors – John gets $200 off our  price!


Example when Selling 

Chris refers Kaitlyn to sell her car to Country Hill Motors – Kaitlyn gets $100 more than the appraised value!

Everybody Wins!


*Only Disclaimer – You must fill out this form prior to your friend/family member engaging Country Hill Motors in order to qualify as a legitimate referral.