An Acura MDX for Sale Gives You the Luxury You Deserve at the Price You Desire

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acura mdx for sale

If you’re looking for an Acura MDX for sale, it’s because you know that this model boasts amenities that will put your old car to shame. It has a reputation that speaks for itself. Choosing a new car can be a difficult decision with so many factors to consider, but a breakdown of an Acura MDX’s different features will convince you that this vehicle can meet every requirement you might have. And with so many packages to choose from, there’s really no amenity that you won’t be able to find.

Some of the interior features you can look forward to in an Acura MDX for sale are sports seats with leather trim and lumbar support, a 2‐driver memory system for the driver’s seat, and heated front seats. This means that you don’t have to bundle up while driving, and a comfortable seat keeps you happy on those morning commutes. On top of hidden cargo storage and a leather-wrapped steering wheel, an Acura MDX for sale will also give you keyless access system to your vehicles, pushbutton ignition (helpful for those with arthritis), and personalized settings. Climate control lets you determine air filtration, temperature, and humidity level. If it’s sticky outside and you can feel your hair frizzing up, simply hop into your Acura MDX and adjust the humidity settings. You’ll never want to leave your car.

The Advance package includes second-row captain’s chairs that are made for comfort, with dual USB ports in the center console and the ability to slide seats forward and backward up to six inches to adjust for legroom. This is also a great feature when unloading and loading passengers into your Acura MDX, giving them optimum room to exit or enter the vehicle. In addition, 2nd row passengers can adjust the temperature of their chair heating with three varying levels to choose from.

Long road trips can be a hassle, but when you purchase an Acura MDX for sale, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle has the storage to fit whatever electronics or toys you bring along with you. Armrests slide forward and backward to reveal a convenient bin for smaller items (ie: phones), and the lower door offers surface area to place easy-access items like electronic devices. Foldable seats allow you to balance cargo and passengers, so suitcases or camping equipment can be easily packed away.

An Acura MDX for sale will also have four surround view cameras as part of the advance package. This feature allows you to navigate tight spots using a camera system that gives you a 360 degree view around you. If you’re not the most confident driver when it comes to parking, these cameras give you the confidence you need. You can change the camera views by pushing a button located on the turn signal lever or within the navigational display controls, so your eyes stay on the road while you’re making tricky maneuvers. With Select Reverse, you’re given the option to utilize the traditional rear camera view or take advantage of the overhead 360 view. Guidelines let you know exactly how to turn your wheel, so you can know with 100% accuracy that your driving is safe.

Whoever said that your vehicle seating couldn’t be as comfortable as a massage chair? An Acura MDX for sale offers pronounced side bolsters to give lateral support for cornering, power adjustment features to enhance seat stability, and an easy entry option that automatically moves the driver seat back (and readjusts to the memorized position once you enter) so you have plenty of space to get settled in. On top of heating control, this package also allows you to ventilate your seat at a customizable setting using technology that draws air into the seats through perforations in the leather. LED fog lights, Automatic Dimming Side mirrors, and natural wood accents round off this package to make it a must when searching for an Acura MDX for sale.

The entertainment package is ideal for larger families that take frequent road trips or have smaller children that are easily bored. As an option for second or third-row passengers, an Acura DVD Rear Entertainment System lets you access a 16 inch screen that’s lowered from an overhead console. You can even watch two movies at once by playing the images side by side! An Acura MDX for sale might even have a ceiling-mounted speaker for enhanced surround sound. Two ceiling-mounted speakers come with the Advance Package, and passengers can plug their headphones into one of three available audio jacks if background noise is interfering. In addition, an auxiliary input jack and 110-volt outlet allow you to attach gaming consoles and laptops. If you have one of those kids that can’t be away from a gaming system for even a minute, an Acura MDX for sale with this package is the best choice.

The technology package has amenities that you’ve never even dreamed of. An Acura MDX for sale might have the option to start your engine remotely (your car heats up/cools down before you’re even in it). Plus, climate control means the defrost feature will begin clearing the windshield without you having to do anything. Seat heaters may also be activated to accommodate set temperatures, so you can sit back and relax while your smart car takes care of everything.

The Acura Navigation system in your Acura MDX for sale displays on an 8 inch screen and provides the most up-to-date information on traffic (HD Digital Traffic), accidents, and best routes for you to take. Its location in the center control panel means you can follow the directions without having to look away from the road, and an option for 3D viewing gives helpful information that you can’t always get from a 2D map. Voice recognition makes navigation hands-free, and voice guidance is a great option for those who are more auditory than visual. Traffic Rerouting determines which path to take based on a 10% arrival time increase, and the system can list collisions and construction going on around you. The Navigational System is a cutting-edge part of the technology package that truly makes any Acura MDX for sale a great purchase.

The Blind Spot Information System in an Acura MDX for sale assists in lane changes, giving indicators when there are cars in your ‘alert zone’ (in danger of being hit if you were to try to merge) only when it detects situations that call for merging (deactivated when traveling under 20 MPH). The ELS Studio Premium Audio System transforms your listening experience with technology crafted by GRAMMY award-winning recording engineer Elliot Scheiner. The primary functions of this system are operated via steering wheel controls, so the driver gets to determine what music is played and at what volume. Bluetooth streaming audio lets you listen to your Pandora stations whenever you want, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio offers over 140 channels that sound as clear as a CD. With ten speakers to facilitate your radio, you can play pristine music as loud as you want.

If you purchase an Acura MDX for sale and realize that there are accessories you want added on, simply visit the Acura Accessories webpage to browse what’s available or filter by interior, exterior, and technology. Listed among the many interior options are floor mats, cargo nets for holding sports equipment in your trunk, a first aid kit, and sun shade (keeps car from overheating when it’s hot outside). Exterior accessories include LED fog lights, a kayak attachment, and bike attachments. These are the perfect additions for the outdoorsy people who prefer transporting their own equipment rather than shelling out the money to rent when they get to their location. As a technology accessory, you can add parking sensors to stay accident-free. What’s nice about these options is that they allow you to pick and choose which features matter the most to you; Instead of buying an entire package, you can save money by only picking the features that you’ll actually use. An Acura MDX for sale may not come with the fanciest features, but it’s simple to go online and order whatever amenity you may need. Plus, each purchase carries a full 4-year/50,000-mile limited warranty.

One of the greatest aspects of buying an Acura MDX for sale is that it comes from a brand that has been marketing luxury, performance, and high-performance vehicles since 1986. Not only that, but safety is an essential component considered for Acura. It is the first luxury brand to be awarded top safety ratings across its entire model line, a feat accomplished through its Driver Assistance technology and advanced breaking systems that alert you when there are collisions ahead. Brands that value safety just as much as performance know that their customers are top priority.

The best place to purchase an Acura is Country Hill Motors of Olathe, where you can choose between several models to find the one that’s right for you. Even if you we don’t currently have the MDX model, you can choose from plenty of other Acura models to find the one that’s right for you.

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