A Honda Civic for Sale Will Let You Live Life in the Fast Lane

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A Honda Civic for sale comes as either a coupe, hatchback, or sedan. Each of these vehicles have their own unique set of features, giving you the freedom to pick the car that will fit your needs the most.

A Coupe Honda Civic for sale has an interior that will impress. With a single-level display panel that’s artfully designed to make information as easy to access as possible, you can concentrate on the road while checking on the essentials with one glance. You’ll have complete control of your Honda Civic for sale since everything from the controls to the storage console is within arm’s reach. This makes things a lot safer when driving—you’re not trying to reach over for a control and keep your eyes on the road at the same time. This vehicle makes your job easy; an electric parking brake activates with the lift of a finger.

Aside from these features, comfort comes standard. Relax in a Honda Civic for sale that boasts two cloth and two leather interior combinations. Not only are these seats comfortable, but they’re also visually appealing, with a two-tone flair, leather-trimmed seats, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel/shift knob. A coupe can handle just about any weather conditions. For the colder months, heated seats for the driver and passenger keep your butt nice and toasty. All-season floor mats eliminate any signs of wet boots, muddy shoes, etc. The carpet looks brand new at all times with this protective layer. Your interior has the leg room to accommodate a basketball team, giving you a spacious cabin that your friends and family can enjoy. You can seat five people in your Honda Civic for sale, so none of your friends get left out. If you’re someone who loves to travel but never has the trunk space to hold luggage and recreational equipment, a coupe may be the perfect solution. Folding rear seats and an enormous trunk make these trips easier than ever. Plus, a cargo net keeps your items upright and securely in place. To top it all off, a wireless phone charger gives you a hassle-free charging zone that’ll be there for you in your most desperate times.

While the interior of a coupe Honda Civic for sale is important for your comfort, the exterior is what really turns heads. LED headlights give your coupe the level of luxury that you deserve. Sharp curves and sophisticated bodylines round off this sleek profile and long wheelbase. The rear taillight design is composed of C-shaped LED taillights along the rear deck lid. The Moonroof on this coupe is powered by one touch for the optimal landscape viewing experience, and rain-sensing wipers detect when they’re needed so you don’t have to. Accessories can be added to make your Honda Civic uniquely you. You can choose from a Wing Spoiler, 17-inch Alloy Wheels, or Splash Guards to incorporate the features that mean the most to you. Your coupe will look brand new for years to come with these accessories.

What goes one under the hood is just as important as what it looks like on the outside. This Honda Civic for sale comes with 174 horsepower, a fully independent suspension, and a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine. MacPherson struts and a lightweight body structure put this vehicle in a class of its own. Plus, a 6-speed, continuously variable transmission is fuel efficient while still bringing the power.

The technology in a Coupe Honda Civic for sale lets you navigate, back up, and charge up with incredible ease. The Navigation System included in your Coupe ensures you never have to worry about getting lost, and a Multi-Angle Rearview Camera gives you eyes in the back of your head. The Wireless Charging Mat lets you charge your smartphone with ease, wire and cable-free. In addition, a USB Audio Interface allows you to hook up your devices while you’re juicing up the battery. The Coupe also reacts to turn signals by giving you a small camera display of what’s going on in the lane you’re merging into. That way, you’re never caught off-guard.

Your music should sound like the mosh pit of your favorite group’s concert. With a Honda Civic for sale, it does. Ten 450-watt speakers give you premium sound that can be hooked up with your Pandora account for an optimal music-listening experience. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also subscribe to SiriusXM Radio and Apple CarPlay. You can take advantage of all your iPhone’s features with a built-in Display Audio Touch-Screen. This includes navigation help, texts and your personal playlists. Android Auto is also available for those who don’t have iPhones. This easy connection is made possible by HondaLink, a system that lets you stream music and schedule service appointments hassle-free.

Certain features are there to keep you safe rather than entertain you. A coupe Honda Civic for sale comes with several systems that have been expertly designed to prevent accidents. A Lane Keeping Assist System, for example, steers your car back on track if you start to stray from the center of a detected lane without signaling. If you’re someone who takes long road trips and hates having to constantly adjust the cruise control speed, Adaptive Cruise Control is the solution to all your problems. It has Low-Speed Follow, which helps you keep a certain distance away from the car in front of you. For those close calls, the Collision Mitigation Braking System senses unavoidable collisions with the vehicle in front of you and activates the brakes. Lastly, a Road Departure Migration System detects road markers and warns you if you’re in danger of veering off course. Even when you’re not at your 100%, a Honda Civic for sale is.

A sedan Honda Civic for sale has unique features that you won’t find in a coupe. A piano black grille with black mesh fascia inserts make the exterior of this vehicle stand out. Plus, a Chrome Door Trim, dual exhaust outlets, and a rear hatch window that you won’t find anywhere else help make this vehicle uniquely a Civic. You can fully immerse yourself in your outdoor surroundings with Door Visors, and fully enjoy your interior surroundings with two different color treatments (black and black/ivory two-tone) across different trim levels. You don’t need to worry about pulling on a break lever, since a Sedan Honda Civic for sale comes with an Electric Parking Brake which is conveniently started by a button. Another specialized feature in the sedan is paddle shifters that you can manipulate without taking your hands off the wheel. You can tack on a Center Outlet Dual Exhaust System for a turbocharged engine that will get you where you need to go—fast. To regulate the temperature of your car, you can use Remote Start Engine to pre-heat or pre-cool the interior. This is a great feature if you live in a very cold or very warm city. Special amenities aren’t necessarily essential, but they’re what make a sedan Honda Civic for sale such a good investment. The sedan has three unique stereo systems that come with 12 speakers and a 75-watt subwoofer, bringing your music to life. Comfort is key in the sedan. That’s why an 8-way power driver’s seat gives you the option to customize seat preferences to your heart’s desire. If that wasn’t enough, interior illumination and race-inspired, textured aluminum pedals add the cool factor you won’t find anywhere else.

A Honda Civic for sale does more than drive like a dream, look like a luxury vehicle, and perform like a racecar. It also protects you from other drivers and your own human error. The ACE Body Structure that comes standard in a Honda Civic for sale ensures that frontal collisions will result in minimal damage to the vehicle’s occupants. It distributes crash energy throughout the front of the vehicle, so you’re not bearing the brunt of the impact. In addition, Advanced Front Airbags and SmartVent front side airbags/side curtain airbags with rollover sensors ensure that you have the backup you need. One of the greatest assets in a Honda Civic for sale is the Road Departure Mitigation feature. This detects when your vehicle is drifting off course without a turn signal while driving 45-90 mph and alerts you with rapid vibrations in the wheel. Braking and steering torque are also triggered when you fail to acknowledge the wheel vibrations.

Honda is a brand that originated in Japan and opened its first US location in Los Angeles in 1959. They believe in ‘the power of dreams’, and stand by the idea that mobility is a freedom that all should enjoy. All seven continents run Honda equipment or vehicles, meaning it’s a brand that’s universally appreciated. They’re also an environmentally-conscious company that is working to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% come 2050. In addition, the company is brainstorming ways to create a smarter world through efficient engines, Honda hybrids, and vehicles capable of harnessing renewable energy.

The best place to purchase a Honda Civic for sale is Country Hill Motors, where exceptional service and quality products have been impressing customers for over 30 years.

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